We Are Digital & People Enablers.

Xtrategize enables organisations & people to realise both their professional and human potential,
using state of the art technology, to drive, sustain and enhance their competitive edge.

Our Team

    Visionary Founder & Passion Follower

Tony Ong

Founder & Managing Partner

    Inspiration Seeker & Ohana Believer

Boonsiri Somchit-Ong

Co-Founder & Partner

    ​Digital Maestro​​ & Relentless Storyteller.​

A.J Meenai

Co-Founder & Partner

    The Organizer & The Tracker

Grace Foo

Senior Administrative Exec.

    Padawan at Jedi Academy

Andrea Ong

Legal & Administrative Exec.

Let’s See How We Can Make You a Cup of Tea!

Our Differentiator

Our Experiential Differentiator

We were just like you and we are still like you.

We don't believe in just sharing theories and concepts. We believe in giving you the low downs on how to use them in your day to day interaction.

How? Because we've been there, done that and still doing it. Bet you want to know our secret ?

Our Digital Human Differentiator

We are digital and social media fans but we also believe in good old fashion human interaction and connection for learning.

At Xtrategize, we decide that we should do both. We believe in fun and passion in everything that we do.

Our training is not a regular, it is an EVENT. We have games, videos, exercises and trivias to get you going.

Guess what, we will also allow you to use your phone to learn.

Our Generational Differentiator

At Xtrategize, we truly believe in the power of generational diversity. We know that each generation brings with it; new opportunities, new learnings, new ideas, and many many more pluses.

Why fight the differences when we can use it to incorporate these uniqueness in all our digital as well as people related offerings.

This diversity helps us to understand all our clients better and when we understand you better, we know we can serve you better.

Touching Lives Together

At Xtrategize we are passionate about giving back to our communities and making a difference in the lives of the people that we interact with. For every training that we conduct, 2% of our revenue will be given to the charity of YOUR choice.


Tony Ong, Founder & Managing Partner