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Authentic Leadership

About The Programme

Good leaders play a major role in any company, they are the glue that holds the workplace together. Without good authentic leadership, organizations will not be able to effectively reap the benefits of true employee engagement and loyalty.

Leaders are irreplaceable when it comes to developing and communicating new strategic decisions as well as motivating and encouraging employees to increase their dedication to organizational goals.

In today's constantly changing workplace, leaders don't only need to be flexible and fast, they also have to be resilient, empathetic and adaptable. They need to be able to handle complex changes within the organization and their industry and they need to be able to assist their employees in moving forward.

Quick Info

Max. 25 person/class

9 Topics

Approx. 2 day(s)

Our Aims

Good leaders have to be able to think strategically like entrepreneurs (or intrapreneurs) and know how to effectively communicate problems and solve them whether using more traditional problem-solving methods or coming up with fresh out-of-the-box solutions.

Our program is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, best practices, tools and resources needed to not just manage a team but also lead them.


Topics Covered in this Programme

Understanding What It Takes To Be a Leader

How To Leverage Your Unique Leadership Style

Key Skills & Method Needed For a Winning Leadership Strategy

Playing To Your Leadership Strengths & Overcoming Weaknesses

Don't Just Communicate, Inspire Through Your Stories

How To Align Your Team With The Company's Vision, Mission & Goals

How To Develop Your Dream Team For The Company

Designing & Implementing A Self-Improvement Plan

It's Not About The Head. It's About the Heart. Connect and Engage

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