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Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

About The Programme

Feedback is one of the cheapest and most powerful yet underutilized tools that your organization has at its disposal.

Within the workplace, there’s always going to be change and feedback, whether you’re giving it or receiving it, is one of the most effective tools that your organization has when it comes to harnessing the power of change for your organization’s benefit.

When given at the right time and in the right way, feedback motivates employees to improve their own performance, boosts their confidence and increases their loyalty to your organization.

Quick Info

Max. 25 person/class

9 Topics

Approx. 2 day(s)

Our Aims

We’re going to show you the best methods of providing your employees with feedback - both negative and positive - that’s going to strengthen not only your employees and teams but also your organization as a whole.

We believe that ‘continuous improvement’ shouldn’t be a catchphrase just tossed around in your company; it should be one of its main focuses.


Topics Covered in this Programme

Feedback: How It Impacts You & Your Workplace

The Importance Of Hearing What Isn't Being Said

Strategies For Formal & Informal Feedback

Giving Honest Feedback That Doesn't Hurt Feelings

Understanding & Giving Effective Feedback

Say It Right: The Difference Between Assertion & Hostility

Turning Harsh Criticism Into Success

Using Open- & Close- Ended Questions

Constructive Criticism: Giving & Taking

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