Certificate in
Global Business Services

About the Course

3 days

20 - 30 study hours


The Certificate in Global Business Services is an online course and assessment, containing five modules which cover the fundamental skills needed to work successfully in a GBS organisation. This course is predominantly aimed at those employees who are new to the sector or executives.

The course should take approximately 30hours to complete and must be completed within a six month period - the online assessment can be taken as many times as necessary within this duration.

Key Learning Outcomes & Skills

  • Understand the historical context of GBS.
  • Understand process design measurement & control.
  • Gain knowledge of performance fundamental & optimisation.
  • Understand Finance & Accounting Processes for GBS

Who should attend?

  • Students
  • Women Returning To The Workforce
  • Executives
  • Anyone New to GBS
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  • A

    Introduction to Global Business Services :

    • The history of the shared services, outsourcing and GBS industry
    • Why businesses use Global Business Services
    • Typical organisational models
    • The process typically found in Global Business Services and key decision factors
    • The key skills and success factors in a GBS organisation
  • B

    Process Design, Measurement and Control :

    • Understanding the process value chain
    • Process mapping, SOPs and knowledge transfer
    • Governance and process controls
    • Process measurement: KPIs and benchmarking
    • Current industry trends
  • C

    Performance Fundamentals :

    • Relationship management: Understanding the customer, cultural awareness, communication and behaviour
    • The role of technology in Global Business Services
    • Understanding compliance and regulation
  • D

    Performance Optimisation :

    • Change management, project management and process improvement
    • Personal development, career planning, learning and development
  • E

    Introduction to Finance and Accounting Processes for GBS :

    • Order to cash
    • Purchase to pay
    • Record to report
    • Other processes (FP and A, controlling, payroll, taxation, treasury, supply chain accounting)

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