Did you know that Roman soldiers actually got paid in salt? Did you know that the word salary in Latin means salt? In Ancient times, salt was the reason civilizations were built. As early as the 6th century, Moorish merchants traded salt ounce for ounce for gold. A healthy human body needs 1500mg of salt daily to survive.

So when you think Xtrategize and our services, think SALT and we promise we will provide it to you at your recommended dosage.

  • Social

    Staying connected is the new way of life. Social media shouldn't just be about socializing. It should be about growing your brand, growing your organization, growing your team and growing yourself.
    We, at Xtrategize, can add flavour to your organization by using the power of social media to enable your customers to relate, engage and participate in the growth of your business.

  • Analytics

    Data is power. Data can help you tell your stories and everyday we are inundated by huge amounts of data. Why not use technology to harness and use data to create your competitive advantage to connect you with your audience....your customers?
    We, at Xtrategize, can add flavour by leveraging data to help organization's connect your business to your vision so that you can tell your stories.

  • Learning

    Research shows that it actually takes 66 days of continuous practice to create a habit and sustainable learning. We, at Xtrategize, can add flavour to your learning by being part of your day 1 to day 66 journey of self and organizational development. Why run alone when you can have us as your pace setter and cheerleader?

  • Training

    We are old school and new age. We believe in using the power of e­Learning but at the same time, it is the human touch that will always make the difference. We, at Xtrategize , can add flavour by catering to the training needs of all generations in your organization through our face to face approach of learning complemented by our e-learning platform. Why cater for one when you can cater for ALL?

Let’s See What We Have Added Flavour to In The Past

Our Approach


We help organizations understand their social, data usage and human capital “As-Is” environments. This is the 1st step of our partnering process towards building an effective social, data analytics and immersive learning program tailored to the specific needs of the organization.


We craft the social and digital roadmaps needed for the organization to harness the power of technology, leveraging from deep insights provided via data analytics. We combine eLearning & immersive training modules to “boost” human performance and work-place transformation. As knowledge engineers, we work hand- in-hand with you to develop a tailored set of combined training & eLearning solutions which can be implemented via an actionable strategy.


We execute sustainable and cost effective transformation activities that will add value to an organizations' social and digital presence and contribute towards the achievement of the organizations' mission and objectives. By empowering the human capital within the organization via immersive learning and training programs, we ensure the personal growth of individuals and total organizational capability enhancement for organizations.

Our Partners