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Sekampung Leadership Series Workshops

About The Programme

Why look to the west when we can learn so much even in our very own backyard? The Sekampung leadership workshop was developed based on the stories told in the best selling Malaysian leadership book, When the Chicken Dies, Everyone Cries.

In the workshop, participants will explore and learn the value of Authentic leadership through life lessons from the heart of the kampung.

Quick Info

Max. 20 person/class

10 Modules

Approx. 20 day(s)

The following program can be customised based on your needs.

Our Aims

Our program is designed to help you to have a better adaptability & change in every situation, know how to rise up from a failure, and also know how to be a mindfulness leader for your employees.

Also by this training program, leader is expected to be better in handling different types of engagement and diversity by improving your confidence.


Topics Covered in this Programme

Authentic Leadership

Adaptability & Change


Passion & Productivity

Diversity & Engagement


Risk Taking



Building An Intrepreneurial Culture

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